MadeForLayers integration into MadeToPrint

Integration in MadeToPrint

MadeToPrint has the capability to use layer views from MadeForLayers for printing and the export to various file formats (including PDF, EPS, various image file formats).

Example: Exporting all layer views into a single PDF/X-4 file

In this example a MadeToPrint Output Job is created, and the layer views are exported to a PDF/X-4 file.

Under Output you can select the destination file (PDF). The PDF default settings are opened by clicking the Setup... button. In this example, the default PDF/X-4:2008 is used since it supports PDF/X as well as layers.

Under Layers you will find three options that allow you to open the layer views from MadeForLayers. The three modes are listed at the bottom: Output default layer view, Output all layer views separately and Output layer views by name.

Output default layer view - Selecting the first option applies the default view (which you may have defined yourself) to the PDF file.
Output all layer views separately - The second option causes all layer views that were created in the original document to be included in the export. Finally, the selection is saved.
Output layer views by name - The third setting requires a selection of layer views by name.

In Run Mode of MadeToPrint, you can then select the new Output Job and run it by clicking the Run button..

When running this Output Job, you will get – depending on how many layer views have been set up in the InDesign document – multiple PDF files.


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