MadeForLayers – Overview

MadeForLayers enhances and simplifies the handling of layers in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. Users have the option to create layer views, i.e. logical combinations of layers that make handling layers efficient and dependable.


MadeForLayers is available for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, for both Macintosh and Windows.

System Requirements:

  • Adobe InDesign CS6 – CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 – CC
  • Mac OS X or Windows 

Feature Overview

MadeForLayers enhances Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator by adding several practical features for the neat and efficient organization of layers:

  • Create different layer views organized according to topic-oriented document displays
  • Make a certain layer view the default
  • Use the currently visible layers to define a new layer view
  • Add different layers to a layers view
  • Add special metadata to different layers
  • Export settings and import into other documents
  • Overview of layer views and layers they contain
  • Overview of views containing certain layers

Various windows of MadeForLayers:

  • Minimal dialog (no editing, only switching possible)
  • Normal dialog (switching between views as well as editing)
  • Extended dialog (complete control, add metadata)

Integration into MadeToPrint:

  • Export normal view (to various supported formats, e.g. PDF, PostScript, PNG, etc.)
  • Export all layer views into a single PDF/X-4 file
  • Export all layer views into separate files (in various formats)

MadeForLayers is a layers plug-in developed by axaio software for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding MadeForLayers, please contact [email protected].


Launch the MadeForLayers installer (Macintosh or Windows) and follow the directions. Administrator rights are required to install the plug-in.

The following data is installed on Macs:

  • The axaio software folder containing the MadeForLayers plug-in is located in the Plug-Ins folder of Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.
  • The log files generated by MadeForLayers are located in the user directory under <username>/Library/Preferences/axaio software.
  • The MadeForLayers documentation is saved in the Users directory under <User name>/Documents/axaio software documentation.

The following data is installed on Windows systems:

  • The  axaio software folder containing the MadeForLayers plug-in is located in the Program Files directory, for example, under Adobe InDesign 2021/Plug-Ins.
  • The log files generated by MadeForLayers are located in the %APPDATA%\axaio software\Adobe InDesign 16\MadeToPrint Plug-In directory.
  • The documentation for MadeForLayers can be opened via the Start menu under Programs/axaio software documentation.

Keep the key code in a safe location and do not forget to send a copy of the completed registration card to axaio software. Only registered customers are entitled to receive updates and technical support.


After performing the installation, you can test MadeForLayers for 30 days with without restrictions.

If you have purchased a license for MadeForLayers, you will receive a registration card with a serial number and activation code (key code). To activate the software, enter your name, company and the 24-digit key code in the registration dialog. If you have already registered MadeToPrint for the same version of the Adobe program, MadeForLayers is activated automatically.

You can view information about the registration, license and version of MadeForLayers at any time by going to the Help menu: About Plug-ins. Click on Register and enter the name, company and 24-digit key code.


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