The Run Mode

The Run Mode of MadeToPrint lists up all defined Output Jobs and Job Sets, which can be applied with a simple mouse click to the currently open QXP document.
A batch processing feature allows for MadeToPrint Output Jobs to be applied to several QXP documents in one go.

Choosing the MadeToPrint entry from the File menu will activate the Run Mode. The Output Jobs or Job Sets which have been configured can be applied to the current document by clicking on the Run button.

Furthermore, the number of copies can be specified for print output and page ranges can be defined. The pop up menu within the Run Mode displays the different modes of processing documents.

Process current document: Carries out the selected setting or set on the currently opened document.
Process all open documents: Carries out the selected setting or set on all currently opened documents one by one.
Process folder: allows batch processing specific folders with all QXP documents inside.