“File Name” Options

File and folder names can be determined by tokens (variables). A description on how to use these variables can be found in the Token Help.

In this area, you can specify the destination folder and file names for file output. MadeToPrint supplies a highly flexible tool for rule-based creation of file names and destination folders. For print output, these options are not available.

How to Define Destination Folders

  • To save output files next to the current InDesign document, activate the check box Use path of current document/book.
  • Optionally, click the Choose… button to select a destination folder.
  • You can define a fix path or define rules that determine the destination path during Output Job run time. To define such a rule you can choose between various tokens.
  • A preview of the path will be displayed in case the token is used properly.

How to define file names

  • To use the document name for the output file please activate the check box Use name of current document/book.
  • A wide range of tokens is available for flexible output file naming. In connection with the single page output option, the token DOCUMENTNAME() can be combined with the token PAGENUMBER() to add the respective page number to the file name.
  • The check box Overwrite Output File defines whether the existing files are to be overwritten or to be indexed.