This area contains the options needed to check for missing fonts and images, as well as to relink images.

Check Usage of external External data activating this option, MadeToPrint will check for images and fonts. MadeToPrint can update modified images and search for missing images in the folder next to the Quark document…

…or MadeToPrint will start the  search in the parent folder.

In case errors are detected, MadeToPrint can abort output, indicate the error and demand user intervention or process the document nevertheless.  

In case of missing or modified images  the pop-up menu displays options, on how MadeToPrint can proceed in case images are missing or have been modified.

  • Do not process document (moves the document to the error folder)
  • Process document nevertheless (creates output despite error)
  • Ask user (processing stops and an error dialog indicates the problem)

In case of missing fonts  the pop-up menu provides the same options as with links.

Create Text Report  MadeToPrint offers three different options for creating preflight error reports:

  • Only in case of error
  • Always
  • Never