“Layer” Options

MadeToPrint is able to manage layers in InDesign documents flexibly. Using the Layer option, document layers can be output in different combinations:

  • Output all visible layers (WYSIWYG)
  • Output all layers (output all existing layers on one page)
  • Output every visible layer separately (output every visible layer on a separate page)
  • Output every layer separately (output every existing layer on a separate page)
  • Output layer combination (output fix and variable layers)

The option Output layer combination enables users to select layers and combine them to different output combinations. Certain layers can be kept, others can be discarded.

Example: Multi-lingual document

Your  document contains the layers background and pictures as fix layers. Additional layers are assigned to text in different languages (per document layer).

How do I set up my Output Job?

  • The category Fix Layers contains layers for background and pictures
  • The category Per Document Layers contains the layers text_eng, text_french, text_ger

The result will be three output files each containing a different language version.

To include the name of layers within the file name, the Tokens Layer Name and Layer Number can be used.