“Output” Options

In the Output section, from the drop-down menu you can select if the Output Job is to apply to PostScript output on a printer or to file output. For file output the formats PostScript, EPS, PDF,  Collect for Output and QXP/QPT document are available.

By ticking on the Setup… button, you reach a context-sensitive dialogue window for "Collect for Output" and "Save as Document". Here you can determine what is to be collected and select the file type QXP or QXP template for the output.

MadeToPrint XT supports the output styles of Quark. The Output Styles can be found in the Edit menu. As a result, all specific output adjustments have be determined within Quark and be addressed afterwards by MadeToPrint.

By ticking the Checkbox under Pages, MadeToPrint will adopt the size of  the QXP documents and create output files of exactly the same size.

The Summary field allows an overview of the current settings.