Where does MadeToPrint XT store information

Preferences folder

MadeToPrint uses a preferences folder in the users preferences section to store data, e.g. a logfile and the MadeToPrint Output Jobs.

This preferences folder is a separate folder for each XPress version. The folder can be found here:



%APPDATA%\axaio software\Quark XPress …\MadeToPrint Plug-In


Benutzername/Library/Preferences/axaio software/QuarkXPress …/MadeToPrint Plug-In


MadeToPrint Output Jobs

In the preferences folder mentioned above, MadeToPrint stores all Output Jobs, Auto Jobs.



This is a file in XML format, where MadeToPrint stores all Output Jobs defined in the Standard section.



This is a file in XML format, where MadeToPrint stores all Auto Jobs defined in the Auto section.


If you see the error message "The version of the MadeToPrint Settings could be wrong. Please rename or delete the settings XML file." on MadeToPrint startup, it refers to those .cfg files.

This might be caused by settings from a more recent MadeToPrint version, or the file got corrupted. You may fix the file by opening it in a plaintext editor and remove all illegal characters (e.g. "¿") in front of </prefs>.

MadeToPrint Logfile

MadeToPrint writes into a logfile that might help to find more information about an error. The logfile is called MadeToPrint.log and is located in the MadeToPrint Preferences folder mentioned above in a subfolder called Logfiles.

Once the logfile exceeds 10MB, it is moved to MadeToPrint_001.log (if this file already exists, it is deleted before) and a new MadeToPrint.log is written. This ensures to have the latest 10MB of logs available at all times, but also don't take too much disk space.