Imposition Option

With the Imposition function, you can output fully imposed PDF files. The preconfigured imposition schemes cover all common imposition tasks.

To set up a Output Job (e.g. for imposition of business cards,  double-sided on one page) create a new Output Job and enter a name under General (here: Business Card).

In the Output area, as target select File (PDF). The Imposition function is not available for PostScript printing. If PostScript exists, you can use the Distiller to create a PDF file.

Attention: For smooth operation, ensure that Single Page Output is deactivated in the Page area.

Then, under Imposition activate the Imposition function and compile the required imposition scheme with the entries under the Runlist and Sheet configuration categories.

Here ensure that the number of pages in both categories matches. For the imposition of business cards, the specifications under Runlist: 8 business cards, double-sided and Sheet configuration: A4, 8 business cards are suitable.

The configuration is now complete. Now save the Output Job. In the Run Mode the Business Card imposition specification is now ready for processing layout documents.

If the supplied imposition scheme does not cover a task, you can adjust (knowledge of programming required) the settings file in a Script editor. The files are located in the following directories:

Windows:  Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress…\XTensions\MadeToPrint\pdfToolbox…\var\Actions\Impose
Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/Quark/QuarkXPress…/XTensions/pdfToolbox…/var/Actions/Impose

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