Unable to access post processing engine

For proper creation of PDF/UA, MadeToTag relies on a pdf post processing engine. It is installed along with MadeToTag and placed next to the Plug-In. MadeToTag uses this pdf engine to fix a couple of issues in the PDF generated by InDesign, as well as applying custom features like the table tagging. 

In rare cases, MadeToTag cannot access or execute this post processing engine. An indication for that is that in Task 7 the version number of the post processing engine will only display "pdfEngine version" (without the actual version number). In such cases, when trying to export a PDF/UA, you will either see a warning message dialog ("There seems to be a problem with accessing the post-processing engine…") or other error messages ("Warning: Internal error…"). 

How to solve the issue

To solve this issue, in most cases it helps to reinstall MadeToTag with a few additional steps to ensure a correct installations:

  • Download the latest version of the MadeToTag installer from https://www.axaio.com/doku.php/en:download#madetotag. Make sure to select the correct InDesign version.
  • Quit InDesign
  • Restart the computer
  • Remove the "axaio software" folder from the InDesign Plug-Ins folder.
  • Run the installer and follow instructions.
  • Restart InDesign.

Now, in Task 7, the full version number should be displayed, e.g. as "pdfEngine version" (note that the actual version number can be different).

If you still see the same issues, please contact support.


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