Unable to access post processing engine

If you only get successive error messages ("Warning: Internal error when applying Fix Role Map", "Warning: Internal error when applying EndNotes Fix", "Internal error when applying ATT to PDF") when trying to export a PDF/UA in Task 7, the reason might be that the MadeToTag Plug-In cannot access or execute the post processing engine.

To solve this issue, it should help to reinstall MadeToTag. To ensure a correct installations, ensure to follow those steps:

  • Download the latest version of the MadeToTag installer from https://www.axaio.com/doku.php/en:download#madetotag. Make sure to select the correct InDesign version.
  • Quit InDesign
  • Remove the "axaio software" folder from the InDesign Plug-Ins folder.
  • Run the installer and follow instructions.
  • Restart InDesign.

If you still see the same issues, please contact support.


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