Review meta data and alternate text for approval

To simplify communication relating to tagged documents with other users during the workflow, MadeToTag provides the Meta data and alternate text review function. This can be useful for approval, corrections and other purposes.

DVA Mac Menu

This option can be found in the MadeToTag flyout menu.

MadeToTag generates an overview of the meta data and alternate text for images within the document which will be shown as a list in a new InDesign document.

*Untitled-3 @ 85% [Converted]

This document can be forwarded directly, as a PDF, or as a printout.

Note that the alternate text for images function takes into account whether an article is anchored or otherwise associated.


MadeToTag uses an InDesign template to create this overview.

From MadeToTag version 2.8.124 onwards, you can adapt the template to have your own color scheme, translate it, match your Corporate Identity, or having a different format/paragraph styles. The default template is installed into the following folder:

  • Mac: $InDesign_Plug-ins_folder$/axaio software/MadeToTag.InDesignPlugin/Versions/A/Resources/JS/Walkers/template
  • Win: $InDesign_Plug-ins_folder$\axaio software\MadeToTag\JS\Walkers\template\

The name of the template file is Metadata and alt text review TEMPLATE.indt. You can also download it here:

The MadeToTag installer will overwrite this file every time you install a new version. To keep your changes, you can rename the file (or create a copy) with the name Metadata and alt text review CUSTOM.indt and save it into one of the following library folders.

MadeToTag will look for the template (either Metadata and alt text review CUSTOM.indt or Metadata and alt text review TEMPLATE.indt) in one of the following folders (if those folders do not exists, you can create them).

  • User Data: ~/Library (Mac) resp. %APPDATA%(Win)
    • (Mac) ~/Library/Application Support/axaio software/MadeToTag/Summary and review templates/
    • (Win) %APPDATA%\axaio software\MadeToTag\Summary and review templates\
  • System Data: /Library (Mac) resp. %PROGRAMDATA% (Win)
    • (Mac) /Library/Application Support/axaio software/MadeToTag/Summary and review templates/
    • (Win) %PROGRAMDATA%\axaio software\MadeToTag\Summary and review templates\
  • Plug-In folder (do not modify)
    • (Mac) /Applications/Adobe InDesign 2023/Plug-Ins/axaio software/MadeToTag.InDesignPlugin/Versions/A/Resources/JS/Walkers/template/
    • (Win) C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign 2023\Plug-Ins\axaio software\MadeToTag\JS\Walkers\template\

Wherever it finds the InDesign template first, it will use it.

Modifying the template

To modify the template, open the InDesign template (.indt) in InDesign. You can now modify it as you like, just like any other InDesign file. You can use your own paragraph styles, modify colors and images, modify page size. To work properly, MadeToTag relies on the existence of the following three paragraph styles:

  1. "Table - column head"
    • used for the column headers in the image table
  2. "Table - content cell - image file name"
    • used for the file name of the image
  3. "Table - content cell - alt text"
    • used for the current alternate text of the image

You can freely modify those, but the name must be kept!

Additionally, MadeToTag supports some Variables to be used in the template. They will be replaced by the values of the current document.

    • The document name of the document for which the review is created
    • Path to the template used, can be good for debugging
  • <METADATA[…]>
    • Will be replaced by the meta data value of the original document. Possible meta data variables are:
    • <METADATA[author]>
    • <METADATA[copyrightInfoURL]>
    • <METADATA[copyrightNotice]>
    • <METADATA[description]>
    • <METADATA[documentTitle]>
    • <METADATA[jobName]>
    • <METADATA[creationDate]>
    • <METADATA[modificationDate]>
    • <METADATA[copyrightStatus]>
    • <METADATA[keywords]>
    • Number of images associated with articles in the document
    • will be replaced with an tabel containing all the images.

After you finished editing, save the file as InDesign Template (InDesign -> Save As… -> InDesign-Template) and the new template will be used.

The text frame with the <IMAGETABLE> should be the primary text frame! MadeToTag will then create new pages to fit all the images.


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