Task 3: Alternate text

In order to make PDF content accessible for users with certain impairments (such as users with impaired vision or learning difficulties such as dyslexia), it is important to provide alternate text (“alt text”) for any content which is not itself text, such as images, graphics and so on.

The alternate text should describe such images as concisely as possible.

Task 3 in MadeToTag allows you to quickly assign alternate text.

  1. You can use the arrows to process image frames one after another.
  2. Enter the alternate text into the text box, MadeToTag will automatically assign it to the selected image.

Work with the “Overview”

Alternate text can be more quickly and clearly assigned using the preview window which shows the document’s images and graphics in a list.

The Review alternate text for images window can be opened using the Show overview button.

Review alternate text for images
  1. MadeToTag displays image previews based on the settings selected at the bottom of the window.
  2. Use the text box to enter the most concise image descriptions possible.
  3. You can also display images located outside of articles.
  4. You can restrict the number of images displayed using Only show images without alternate text.
  5. If the Go to current image checkbox is enabled, the position within the Adobe InDesign page will be shown.
  6. The arrow buttons on the right let you move to the next view page.

This lets you insert any missing alternate text for one image at a time and optimize it as necessary.


Jimmy Hartington

Sometimes an item is more an artefact other than an image. Is there a way to set this with MadeToTag?

Golo Zegenhagen

Hello Jimmy Hartington, thank you for the the request. Graphic elements like background images without content relevance should not be present in the tag tree. These elements should be artifacts. MadeToTag does handle all elements as artifacts that are not assigned to InDesign articles. So just make sure not to assign these elements into articles. Best regards, Golo Zegenhagen | Software Support | axaio software GmbH

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