Download, installation, registration and activation

Choose the right download from the axaio software website according to your OS version (Macintosh or Windows) and InDesign version (e.g. InDesign CC 2017).

Run the installation program for MadeToTag and follow the instructions.

You will need Administrator rights to set up the plug-in.

Macintosh version

Double-click on the .pkg file to start the installation.

  • The folder axaio software containing the MadeToTag plug-in is located in the Adobe InDesign Plug-ins folder.
  • MadeToTag’s temporary files are located under <User name>/Library/Preferences/axaio software/Adobe InDesign.
  • The documentation for MadeToTag is stored in the Users Directory under <User name>/Documents/axaio software documentation.

Windows version

Unzip the downloaded package and run the contained .exe application.

  • The folder axaio software containing the MadeToTag plug-in is located in the program directory, for example Adobe InDesign CS6/Plug-ins.
  • Temporary files generated by MadeToTag are located in the Documents and Settings folder under <User name>/Application Data/axaio software.
  • The documentation for MadeToTag can be found in the Start menu under Programs/axaio software documentation.


You can test the full version of MadeToTag for 30 days after registration.

If you have purchased a license for MadeToTag, you will receive a registration card featuring a serial number and a keycode.

To activate the product, enter your name, company and the 24-digit keycode in the registration dialog.

To activate the Windows version of MadeToTag within your copy of Adobe InDesign, you must right-click on InDesign.exe and select Run as administrator. In future, you can then start Adobe InDesign as usual.

You can access information about the registration, license and version of MadeToTag in the Help menu by clicking About additional modules.

Keep your activation code in a safe place, and do not forget to e-mail or fax a copy of your completed registration card to axaio software. Only registered customers are entitled to updates and technical support.


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