MadeToTag – Introduction

MadeToTag from axaio lets you quickly and easily prepare Adobe InDesign documents for export as accessible tagged PDFs. The plug-in uses tags to define the InDesign document according to its content and semantic structure.

Tagged PDFs are used to provide devices such as screen readers (for users with visual impairments) or reading software (for users with learning difficulties) with the appropriate information to enable comprehensive, logical access to the content of a PDF file. This is why tagged PDFs are a prerequisite for PDF accessibility.

A tagged PDF created with MadeToTag fulfills the criteria of the PDF/UA standard, the international standard for accessible PDF.


MadeToTag is available for Adobe InDesign CC 2017 and higher. MadeToTag is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows.


MadeToTag is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for providing Adobe InDesign documents with all of the structural information needed to generate accessible (PDF/UA-compliant) PDF files.

  • It can also be used to eliminate errors which can get in the way of producing accessible PDFs.
  • The tool takes the user step by step through the process of adding structural information to documents and exporting a tagged PDF.
  • MadeToTag links text and paragraph styles to tags, structures the reading order by putting articles in a sequence and helps the user to add descriptions to images and graphics.
  • MadeToTag’s keyboard shortcuts allow the user to quickly process documents.
  • The tool’s color scheme provides a comprehensive overview of which text areas, articles, graphics and pages have already been assigned structural information and lets you know if there are any elements missing.
  • The Problem Locator quickly detects and fixes problems like incorrect hyphens, empty paragraphs, images that do not have alternative text or lists without list paragraph styles.
  • MadeToTag can incorporate metadata into documents so that they meet the requirements for accessible PDFs.
  • MadeToTag lets you accurately assign languages to text within the document down to the level of individual paragraphs or single words.
  • The reading order for tables, including those with very complex structures, can also be set later.
  • Accessible PDFs can be exported to individual pages or spreads at the push of a button. Exported files are prepared if needed so that they are in line with requirements.


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