How do I update MadeToPrint and keep my settings

When a new MadeToPrint version is released, it can be simply installed by running the installer.

If the host application version1 is the same, the old version will be overwritten and settings will be kept.

Upgrading to a new host application version1 requires a new license. If you have a valid Software Maintenance Agreement with us, you can get the license free of charge.

MadeToPrint does store preferences in a folder that is explicit for the host application (e.g. InDesign, InDesign Server, QuarkXPress) and its version (e.g. 16 for CC 2021). See Where does MadeToPrint store information for more information. If you want to keep your preferences in the new version, you can simply copy the preferences folder to the same place for the new version, e.g. copy the …axaio software/Adobe InDesign 15/MadeToPrint Plug-In/Preferences folder to axaio software/Adobe InDesign 16/MadeToPrint Plug-In/Preferences to copy the MadeToPrint Settings from MadeToPrint for Adobe InDesign CC 2020 to MadeToPrint for Adobe InDesign 2021.


1: e.g. from InDesign CC 2020 (version 15) to InDesign 2021 (version 16); or QuarkXPress 2018 (version 14) to QuarkXPress 2019 (version 15);


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