What is MadeToPrint Server?

MadeToPrint Server is an Output Server solution that consists of three components: Adobe InDesign Server, the matching MadeToPrint plugin and a user interface that is installed as stand-alone program.

Basically, MadeToPrint Server offers the same functions for InDesign Server as MadeToPrint Auto offers in the Desktop version of InDesign: automatic preflight, print, export and package InDesign documents. The crucial difference lies between the two InDesign applications: InDesign Server works “featureless” at terminal level; the program has no user interface and displays no document content.

The Adobe InDesign Server was developed as a high-performance and stable output machine that automates time-consuming (InDesign-based) and recurring production processes.

MadeToPrint Server combines these characteristics with the popular and efficient functions of the plug-in, e.g. running various Output Jobs in parallel, dynamic, rule-based generation of filenames and target directories, checking for missing links and fonts, flexible output of levels and level combinations. A special feature of MadeToPrint Server is an independent GUI, giving the InDesign Server a face. Output settings on the InDesign Server are distinctly easy, quick and convenient to accomplish – the elaborate and complicated handling at terminal level is omitted.

In Auto Mode, MadeToPrint Server monitors hot folders for incoming InDesign documents or packages, or XML/JavaScript jobticket files. They are opened hidden in the background and this is done through multiple instances of the InDesign Server if needed – hence when working with powerful computers with multiple processors – you can achieve completely new dimensions with regard to throughput and output speed.

This manual explains concisely how to install and configure MadeToPrint.


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