MadeToPrint InCopy – Specific Features

Similar to MadeToPrint InDesign, MadeToPrint InCopy enhances all output processes with InCopy CS6 to CC.

MadeToPrint InCopy: Specifics

Installation and registration of the plug-in works the same way like with MadeToPrint InDesign. It can also be tested for 30 days without any limitations. MadeToPrint InCopy can be obtained in two versions: a standard mode and an adapter mode to be used in connection with the editorial system K4 from vjoon (


When initiating the plug-in, the MadeToPrint InCopy run dialog pops up. Using the Edit button Output Jobs and Job Sets can be configured.

MadeToPrint InCopy supports Adobe InCopy CS6 to CC under Macintosh and Windows.

MadeToPrint InCopy: Settings

The Edit Mode can be handled similar to the MadeToPrint InDesign Edit Mode.

The second column lists up the options available for MadeToPrint InCopy.

The parameters under General do not differ from the ones in MadeToPrint InDesign.

Like in MadeToPrint InDesign, different Output Jobs can be arranged in Job Sets and thus be executed with one click.


The output can be specified under Destination. Available options are Printer (PostScript) and File (PDF). According to the output additional options can be adjusted.

InCopy print settings

MadeToPrint simply addresses the print dialog of InCopy.

InCopy settings for PDF output

Similar to print output PDFs can be saved in Layout or Galley & Story mode.

PDF Security Settings are not saved by MadeToPrint.

File Name and Infobar

Similar to MadeToPrint InDesign, file name and content of the Infobar can be determined using Tokens.

Editorial System

MadeToPrint InCopy can be connected with the K4 editorial system from vjoon. In case the option is activated, MadeToPrint can process information from the editorial system via token, e.g. K4METADATA. Moreover MadeToPrint can also check processed documents back into the K4 systems or cancel the checkout (in order to keep the documents status).

Three options are available for the post-processing phase: No Action, Check In Layout, or Cancel  Check Out Layout.


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