Installation of MadeToPrint Server

Before – Technical requirements

As MadeToPrint Server is a plugin for Adobe InDesign Server, the machine to run MadeToPrint Server must meet the InDesign Server System Requirements. MadeToPrint Server UI runs under macOS from 10.6 or Windows 7/8/10.

The MadeToPrint Server installation package should contain the following files:

  • Adobe InDesign Server (Mac or Win)
  • MadeToPrint Server plugin (Mac or Win)
  • MadeToPrint Server UI Installer (Mac or Win)
  • MadeToPrint Standard for InDesign plugin (Mac or Win)

With the MadeToPrint Standard for InDesign plugin, the Output Jobs are created, configured and then exported. Afterwards the Output Jobs can be imported with MadeToPrint Server. You can therefore also have the desktop version of Adobe InDesign installed on another computer.

After – The installation sequence

  1. Install Adobe InDesign Server according to the instructions by double-clicking the Adobe InDesign Server installer file.
  2. Install the MadeToPrint Server plugin by double clicking the MadeToPrint Server installer.
  3. Install MadeToPrint Server UI
    • Macintosh: Open the provided DiskImage (.dmg) and move the contained Application (MadeToPrintServerUI) into the Applications folder.
    • Windows: Unzip the MadeToPrint Zip file. Install the MadeToPrint Server UI by double clicking the MadeToPrint Server installer madetoprint_serverui.exe (might be installed on a different machine in the same network).
  4. Install the MadeToPrint InDesign plug-in on any computer in your network, where Adobe InDesign is already installed.

Testing: is everything OK?

After installation, carry out the following checks:

  • Is the Adobe InDesign Server working?
  • Is the MadeToPrint Plug-In loaded correctly?

Open a new Terminal window (Mac: Application "Terminal"; Win: Application CMD.exe). Then, run InDesign Server by the following command:

cd "/Applications/Adobe InDesign CC Server 2018/"
./InDesignServer -port 18555

Start command on Macintosh


cd "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC Server 2018" -port 18555

Start command on Windows


Remember the port number, as MadeToPrint Server UI will need that for communication with the Plug-In.

Wait for a full startup. There are two lines that are important:

 INFO	[soap] Servicing SOAP requests on port 18555

This indicates that the port was successfully opened and waiting for commands.


 INFO	[server] MadeToPrint Version 2.7.307

This indicates, that MadeToPrint was successfully loaded.


Running MadeToPrint Server UI

If everything was correctly installed until now, you can start the MadeToPrint Server UI application by simply double clicking it.

Now you can start setting up the MadeToPrint Server …


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