Processing examples

Simple input jobticket

This is a very simple Jobticket, the "minimum" required. It will export all pages of document.indd with the settings defined in MadeToPrint output job "PDF Export".

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<print-set>PDF Export</print-set>
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Parameter overrides

With the <parameter-overrides> section, you can override one or many single options from the Adobe Export Preset (Adobe PDF presets / joboptions, Print Presets, …) used in the MadeToPrint output job defined in <print-set>.

This jobticket also contains metadata to be used in the MadeToPrint output job using the token «JOBTICKETMETADATA( "Name" )».

The jobticket also overrides the path where the result will be written to.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<print-set>PDF Export</print-set>
		<parameter group="PDF Export" name="cropMarks" value="true"/>
		<parameter group="PDF Export" name="colorBars" value="false"/>
		<parameter group="PDF Export" name="readerSpreads" value="true"/>
		<xmetadata name="Name" value="ABC12_1103_Ad035"/>
		<xmetadata name="Modified" value="2013-03-03T10:34:12"/>
		<xmetadata name="Creator" value="axaio"/>
		<xmetadata name="Created" value="2012-02-24T22:56:23"/>
		<xmetadata name="Publication" value="axPub"/>
		<xmetadata name="Issue" value="03_2013"/>
		<xmetadata name="Section" value="Adverts"/>
		<xmetadata name="PageRange" value="1-15"/>
		<xmetadata name="Deadline" value="yesterday!"/>
		<xmetadata name="PageNumber" value="4"/>
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Define layered output

With this jobticket, you will output three PDF files, each with a different set of layers enabled:

  1. Background, Graphics and German layer
  2. Background, Graphics and English layer
  3. Background, Graphics and French layer

You can only use this example to only output one set of layers. In this case, you can have variable-layers only contain one entry, or include the single layer name into the fixed-layers section and leave variable-layers empty.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <print-set>PDF Export</print-set>
    <layers> <!-- enable layers processing -->
        <fixed-layers> <!-- list of layers for each output file -->
            <layername>Background</layername> <!-- name of one fixed layer -->
            <layername>Graphics</layername> <!-- name of second layer -->
            <layername>German</layername> <!-- name of first individual layer -->
            <layername>English</layername> <!-- name of first individual layer -->
            <layername>French</layername> <!-- name of first individual layer -->
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Example result jobticket

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    	<!-- will include the <mtp-data>-section of the original jobticket -->
		<app-name>Adobe InDesign</app-name>
		<process-start>2021-03-10 16:42:36</process-start>
		<process-end>2021-03-10 16:42:39</process-end>
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Order of Processing

  • finding Jobticket /in/jobticket.xml
    • running <preprocess-script> if provided
    • opening document provided in <document> //only if preprocess-script did not open a document
    • {document is opened}
    • running  <scripts-before> if provided
    • processing  <print-set> //only if scripts-before did not return "error"
    • running  <scripts-after> if provided
    • running <postprocess-script> if provided
    • {document is closed} //only if not closed by postprocess-script
  • result is written to /out/jobticket.xml


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