Jobticket reference

The MadeToPrint Jobticket is an XML document. It should be outputted as UTF-8 (without byte-order-mark).

The prolog of the file should therefore be defined as <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>.


This section describes the “types” of the XML elements as referred to in this document.

root xml node
XML element that contains child elements.

bool boolean
Element expects to evaluated to a boolean (true/false) value. If element is any of “true”, “yes” or “1”, the element is evaluated as TRUE, all other values are evaluated to as FALSE

path reference to a file
Element describes a file reference. On Mac, forward slashes have to be used (e.g. /Volumes/MTP/documents/test.indd). On Windows, backslashes should be used, but forward slashes are automatically converted (e.g. \\FileServer\MTP\documents\test.indd).
Since MadeToPrint version 2.7.315, all paths in the input jobticket can be either absolute (e.g. /Volumes/MTP/documents/test.indd) or relative to the jobticket (e.g. ../documents/test.indd).

string string
Value is a simple string

number number
Value is a number

datetime date and time
Value is a date and time, formatted as “YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss”

name/value attributes
Element should contain the attribute pair name and value. Typically written as <thetag name="TheName" value="The new value" />

group/name/value attributes
Element should contain the attributes group, name and value. Typically written as <thetag group="TheGroup" name="TheName" value="The new value" />

Order of processing

In jobticket mode, there is an additional place where you can define to open the document and running scripts. In order to find the correct place to set up scripts, this is the order that MadeToPrint is running them.

  • finding Jobticket /in/jobticket.xml
    • running <preprocess-script> if provided
    • opening document provided in <document> //only if preprocess-script did not open a document
      • in K4 mode, no <document> is needed, MadeToPrint will open the InDesign file next to the jobticket (same name)
    • {document is opened}
    • running  <scripts-before> if provided
    • processing  <print-set> //only if scripts-before did not return "error"
    • running  <scripts-after> if provided
    • running <postprocess-script> if provided
    • {document is closed by MadeToPrint} //only if not closed by postprocess-script
  • result is written to /out/jobticket.xml

XML elements / tags

This section describes the possible elements of the MadeToPrint Jobticket document.
Empty tags are not allowed in general. If a tag should not be used, it should be omitted.

Jobticket (input)

<mtp-data> [root]
Root element of the MadeToPrint Jobticket.

<preprocess-script> [path]
Path to an InDesign Script. This script will be executed as first task, before the <document> is opened. It can be used for various things, one being check out a document from an external source.

<document> [path]
Path to a document. Only needed if no document is open (e.g. opened by <preprocess-script>)

<print-set> [string]
Name of the MadeToPrint output job to execute

<postprocess-javascript> [path]
Path to an InDesign Script. This script will be executed as last task, just before the document is closed.

<extended> [root]
List of meta data (xmetadata)

<xmetadata> [name/value]
A single additional meta data. <xmetadata name="TheName" value="The new value" /> can be accessed via Token («JOBTICKETMETADATA( "TheName" )»).

<allpages> [bool]
When true, all pages are outputted

<start-page> [string] or [number]
Can be empty or left out. If given, it reflects the number / label of the first page to output. Uses InDesign page numbering (e.g. make use of absolute page numbers "+4" vs page labels "4")

<page-range> [string] or [number]
If <start-page> is empty or not set, <page-range> contains the page range to output. The string provided can be the same as in use in the InDesign page range field, e.g. "1,3-5,+6-+9", "SecA:1-SecA:4". It also accepts "All Pages" as input (Attention: you need to use the translated version for your InDesign / InDesign Server locale, e.g. for English InDesign it is "All Pages", but for German InDesign it must be "Alle Seiten").
If <start-page> is set, <page-range> contains the number of pages to output, beginning with <start-page>

<copies> [number]
Number of copies to print. Only applies when <print-set> outputs to a printer.

<output-path> [path]
Path where the output should be written to. Overwrites the destination path of <print-set>. In combination with <flat-output> the path can be extended or not.

<flat-output> [bool]
If set to true, output is written directly into <output-path>. If set to false, the folder defined in destination path of <print-set> is created inside <output-path> and the actual output is created in that sub folder.
E.g. Destination Path in the MadeToPrint Output Job is set to /MTP/Results/. <output-path> is set to /Volumes/PDF/. When <flat-output> is true (or not set), the result file will be /Volumes/PDF/document.pdf. If <flat-output> is false, the result file will be /Volumes/PDF/MTP/Results/document.pdf

<scripts-before> [root]
List of <script-before> (note the additional s in scripts-before).

<scripts-before>/ <script-before> [path]
Path to an InDesign Script. This script will be executed right before the output.
When <print-set> contains an output job with single page output or per layer output, you can also provide an attribute scope to run the script at particular stages of the output:
<script-before scope="page">: script-before will be executed for each separate page
<script-before scope="layer">: script-before will be executed for each layer / layer combination

<scripts-after> [root]
List of <script-after> (note the additional s in scripts-after).

<scripts-after>/ <script-after> [path]
Path to an InDesign Script. This script will be executed right after the <print-set>, just before the document gets closed.

<parameter-overrides> [root]
Either a list of <parameter> for parameter overrides (plain xml) or a single <json> entry for providing overrides as json array.

<parameter-overrides>/ <parameter> [group/name/value]
A single parameter override.
<parameter group="PDF Export" name="colorBars" value="true"/>

<parameter-overrides>/ <json> [string]
A json array providing the paramter overrides values, e.g.
   {      "group":"PDF Export",      "name":"colorBars",      "value":"true"   },
 { "group":"PDF Export", "name":"acrobatCompatibility", "value":"acrobat 4"   }

<layerview> [string]
Layer view name to be used for output. Needs MadeForLayers.
If used, <layerviews> must not be used.

<layerviews> [root]
List of layer view names to be used for output into single output files. Needs MadeForLayers.
If used, <layerview> must not be used.

<layerviews>/ <layerviewname> [string]
Name of one Layer view to be outputted.

<layers> [root]
Using layer combinations for output.

<layers>/ <fixed-layers> [root]
List of fixed layers. These layers go into each output.

<layers>/ <variable-layers> [root]
List of variable layers / per document layers. Each of those layers create a single output file.

<layers>/ <fixed-layers>|<variable-layers> <layername> [string]
Name of the layer to use.

<preflight-path> [path]
Path to a folder where MadeToPrint Preflight shall look for missing links.

<pdfengine-variables> [root]
List of pdfEngine variables to send to post processing (variable).

<pdfengine-variables>/ <variable> [name/value]
Name and (new) value of the variable in the PDF Post Processing profile.

<save-modifications> [bool]
Whether to save modifications to the input file or not.

<singlepageoutput> [bool]
If true, single page output (one output file per document page) is used. Overwrites the setting in <print-set>

Result Ticket (output)

The MadeToPrint process will write a result ticket once the processing is done. It will be located in the Out folder defined in the MadeToPrint Auto Job. It will have the exact same name as the input jobticket.

<mtp> [root]
Root element of the MadeToPrint result ticket.

<type> [string]
General result of the processing. Can be ok or error

<contents> [root]
List of status messages.

<contents>/ <status> [string]
Status report string, e.g. the short summary of the preflight result.

<contents>/ <report> [string]
Further report string containing more information about the error, e.g. list of missing fonts.

<OutputFiles> [root]
List of generated files.

<OutputFiles>/ <OutputFile> [path]
Full path to an output file generated (PDF, PNG, …).

<OutputFiles>/ <preflight-report> [path]
Full path to the preflight report if one was generated.

<InputFiles> [root]
List if input files.

<InputFiles>/ <InputFile> [path]
Full path to the input layout file.

<mtp-settings> [root]
Copy of the corresponding input jobticket values (<mtp-data>)

<mtp-info> [root]
List of system information of the processing MadeToPrint.

<mtp-info>/ <mtp-version> [string]
Version number of the MadeToPrint, e.g. 2.8.323

<mtp-info>/ <app-name> [string]
Name of the host application, e.g. Adobe InDesign Server

<mtp-info>/ <app-version> [string]
Version number of the host application, e.g. 13.1.1

<mtp-info>/ <app-instance> [string] or [number]
If host application runs in instances, the name of the instance. For Adobe InDesign Server, this is the port number, e.g. 18555

<mtp-info>/ <os-name> [string]
Name of the operating system, e.g. Macintosh

<mtp-info>/ <os-version> [string]
Version number of the operating system, e.g. 10.14.6

<mtp-info>/ <machine-name> [string]
Name of the machine where the process was running on, e.g. mac-mini-axaio

<mtp-info>/ <user-name> [string]
Name of the user which the process was running on, e.g. axaio software

<mtp-info>/ <process-start> [datetime]
Timestamp when the processing started, e.g. 2021-03-10 16:42:36

<mtp-info>/ <process-end> [datetime]
Timestamp when the processing finished, e.g. 2021-03-10 16:42:39

<mtp-info>/ <process-duration> [number]
Number of seconds the whole process took.

Example Jobtickets

Input Jobticket

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
		<parameter group="PDF Export" name="cropMarks" value="true"/>
		<parameter group="PDF Export" name="colorBars" value="false"/>
		<parameter group="PDF Export" name="readerSpreads" value="true"/>
		<xmetadata name="Name" value="ABC12_1103_Ad035"/>
		<xmetadata name="Modified" value="2013-03-03T10:34:12"/>
		<xmetadata name="Creator" value="axaio"/>
		<xmetadata name="Created" value="2012-02-24T22:56:23"/>
		<xmetadata name="Publication" value="axPub"/>
		<xmetadata name="Issue" value="03_2013"/>
		<xmetadata name="Section" value="Adverts"/>
		<xmetadata name="PageRange" value="1-15"/>
		<xmetadata name="Deadline" value="yesterday!"/>
		<xmetadata name="PageNumber" value="4"/>
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Result ticket on success

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
		<OutputFile>/Users/axaio/Desktop/MadeToPrint/HotFolder/ISO-Test/test_Coated FOGRA27 (ISO 12647-2_2004).pdf</OutputFile>
	  <print-set>PDF with variable pdfx profile</print-set>
	    <xmetadata name="PDFXProfile" value="Coated FOGRA27 (ISO 12647-2:2004)" />
		<app-name>Adobe InDesign</app-name>
		<user-name>axaio software</user-name>
		<process-start>2021-03-10 16:42:36</process-start>
		<process-end>2021-03-10 16:42:39</process-end>
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Result ticket on error

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
		<status>Preflight Error - Missing Fonts: 0 - Missing Links: 4 - Modified Links: 0&#10;&#10;</status>
		<app-name>Adobe InDesign Server</app-name>
		<process-start>2021-02-10 16:41:47</process-start>
		<process-end>2021-02-10 16:41:52</process-end>
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