MadeToPrint Server for use with Single or Multi Instances

MadeToPrint Server can be used, as needed, in any number of Adobe InDesign Server instances: From a single instance operation to any number of instances, a multi instance operation. In principle, this means nothing more than the fact that in the former, InDesign Server will be started only once in the MadeToPrint Server bundle, on the other hand, in the latter, it will be started several times. Multiple instances allow for a parallel processing of the MadeToPrint jobs, which especially in computers with multiple processors, enables a much more faster output with MadeToPrint Server.

Starting MadeToPrint Server in multiple instances

  • Start InDesign Server as described in chapter 1.3 by using a free port number, e.g. 15555:

Starting InDesign Server via the terminal under Mac OS X

  • Open a second terminal window and start InDesign Server again with a second port number, for example 15556:

Starting the second instance of InDesign Server using another Port number

  • Having started a second or third instance of InDesign Server, users just pick the proper (already configured) port number from the pulldown menue of MadeToPrint AIR and start MadeToPrint Server. Instances which have already been started before remain active - this way, users can easily switch between different InDesign instances.

IP- and Port number specification within MadeToPrint AIR

  • In the MadeToPrint Server Configurator, now start the Auto mode as you would normally do:

After starting the Auto mode of MadeToPrint Server

  • Now you can exit the MadeToPrint Server application. The jobs started once remain active even after MadeToPrint Server is closed:

Closing MadeToPrint Server

  • After closing MadeToPrint Server, start the application again and now use the port number of the second InDesign Server instance.


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