MadeToPrint InDesign – Introduction, Installation and Registration

MadeToPrint InDesign enriches Adobe InDesign with numerous professional output and conversion features, including batch processing and hotfolder operation. Optionally, you can use MadeToPrint in conjunction with editorial systems. This manual helps users to set up the plug-in and gives insights on how to use it.


MadeToPrint InDesign is available for both Macintosh and Windows. The plug-in’s scope of features depends on the license acquired.

MadeToPrint versions

MadeToPrint Standard InDesign

The basic version provides features for setting up Output Jobs and processing them manually. Furthermore, folder contents can be printed and/or exported using batch processing.

MadeToPrint Standard InCopy

This version of MadeToPrint can be integrated into Adobe InCopy.

MadeToPrint Auto InDesign 

Besides offering all the features of the basic version, MadeToPrint InDesign Auto runs hot folder-based and completely unattended.

MadeToPrint Auto InDesign for Editorial Systems

MadeToPrint Auto for InDesign have been adjusted for seamless integration with the InDesign based editorial systems vjoon K4, Woodwing SCE/Enterprise and van Gennep PlanSystem4. Similar to MadeToPrint Auto InDesign, the plug-in runs hotfolder based as an unattended automated workstation. Additionally it offers special editorial environment targeted features like XML/jobticket based publishing and status controlled output.

MadeToPrint is an output plug-in, developed by axaio software with versions for Adobe InDesign, Adobe InCopy, Adobe Illustrator and Quark XPress. If you have questions or suggestions regarding MadeToPrint, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


MadeToPrint InDesign is the solution for enhancing, standardising and streamlining all output processes from within Adobe’s professional layout application, offering maximum power and flexibility in terms of automating printing and creating PDF, PDF Interactive, PostScript, EPS, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, IDML, EPUB and InDesign files.

MadeToPrint provides a variety of features including:

  • Automatic generation separate output files for each document page
  • Rule-based generation of names for output files and directories
  • Preflight check of InDesign documents
  • Automatic update of links and activation of project specific fonts
  • PDF production by means of Acrobat Distiller
  • Output of layers and layer combinations
  • Package commands as part of the Output Job
  • Imposition
  • Parameter Overrides
  • PDF Post Processing
  • Configurable info bar (job slug) with dynamically generated contents
  • Extendable output options using PostScript snippets and scripts
  • Combining single Output Jobs into Job Sets
  • Batch processing of folder structures containing InDesign files
  • “MadeForLayers” for the layer management in InDesign
  • Optional hot folder mechanism and connection to editorial systems

Installing the Software

System requirements:

  • Adobe InDesign CS6 - CC
  • macOS X or Windows

Start the installation program (Macintosh or Windows) for MadeToPrint and follow the instructions. You need Admin rights to setup MadeToPrint.

Files are installed under macOS as follows:

  • The Application folder of Adobe InDesign contains the MadeToPrint plug-in at Plug-Ins/axaio software.
  • The MadeToPrint preferences, the PostScript snippets for the PostScript Expert Option, the logfiles generated by MadeToPrint can be found in the user directory under User/Library/Preferences/axaio software/Adobe InDesign ... /MadeToPrint Plug-In.
  • The same folder is also created at Library/Preferences/axaio software/Adobe InDesign .... Move the folder MadeToPrint Plug-In to this location to protect settings against modification, e.g., when distributing MadeToPrint Settings to other computers. Preferences in this directory are locked.
  • The MadeToPrint documentation will be saved to user directory under User/Documents/axaio software documentation/MadeToPrint ID/English.

Following data files are installed under Windows:

  • The Adobe InDesign Program Directory under \Plug-Ins contains the folder axaio software and the MadeToPrint plug-in.
  • The MadeToPrint preferences, the PostScript snippets for the PostScript Expert Option, the logfiles generated by MadeToPrint are saved in the directory %APPDATA%\axaio software\Adobe InDesign 16\MadeToPrint Plug-In.
  • The same folder exists in the directory C:\ProgramData\axaio software\Adobe InDesign .... Copy the folder MadeToPrint Plug-In to this location to protect it against modification, e.g., when distributing MadeToPrint Settings to other computers. Preferences in this directory will be locked.
  • The MadeToPrint documentation can be found under \Documents\axaio software documentation\MadeToPrint ID\English.

Registering MadeToPrint

After installing MadeToPrint, the plug-in runs in trial mode for 30 days thus allowing to evaluate the software without any limitation. After this period of time MadeToPrint switches into demo mode, print and file output will be marked with watermarks.

To register MadeToPrint just call up the menu item MadeToPrint... on the Help menu in the area About Plug-Ins. Click on Register and type in your name, company, and the 24-digit keycode, you will receive after purchasing MadeToPrint.

To register, fill out the registration card and send a copy to axaio software. Only customers who register are entitled to obtain updates and technical support. Retain the key codes in case you need to reinstall.


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